Here goes..

Hi all,

Welcome to our first blog 😀 Id like to begin with explaining why I’ve started this, so here’s a list (because I love a good list):

  • Life gets so overwhelming and the days, months and years race by leaving me feeling like the weeks are blurring together and I’ll forget what I’ve done along the way. I have a terrible memory.. and I can’t blame it on old age because I’m only 25!
  • I want to share my experiences, encourage and inspire people to do the things they dream of in life.
  • I always try starting a diary but forget to continue, and it’s no fun when you can’t show people.
  • If I go missing on our travels… maybe I’ll become famous 😛

So here’s a quick blurb about our journey so far…. Shaun and I met in Western Australia working in the mining industry. After 3 months of seeing each other Shaun’s visa was up and he was heading to New Zealand… we decided (I decided) that I was going to join him. So here we are, 2 years on in the sunny Bay of Plenty; where I grew up and now our home. In December we got engaged( that’s a whole new blog) and we are planning a wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand for December 2018. A few weeks ago we booked an adventure/ research trip leaving in June where we will cover Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos as backpackers and then make our way to Ireland where i’ll get to meet Shaun’s entire family   (shitting myself) and head to Croatia for his sister’s wedding. We will throw in a few weekends away; maybe London… undecided,  A quick stop in Dubai on the way back and return home in October.

Mount maunganui

Follow us for a laugh, well take you on a journey…

Elle x


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